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As Fast as the Fire Service.

Rosenbauer Customer Service ensures that the PANTHER is ready for action worldwide.

When a call goes out for the PANTHER, it goes full speed. And when Rosenbauer customer service is contacted, it has to be just as quick. Because the operational readiness of the ARFF vehicle is paramount. Not just in terms of the effectiveness of the fire service itself, but ultimately the entire flight operation at the airport if no replacement vehicle is available, or the ICAO safety category can no longer be met due to the loss of firefighting capacity. Rosenbauer therefore operates a sophisticated service network that spans the entire globe in order to be able to quickly assist the airport fire departments if a vehicle breaks down. The organization consists of regional service hubs, own and partner workshops, as well as a staff of "Flying Engineers" who support customers worldwide in keeping their PANTHER fleets in good shape.


Close to the customer

The Rosenbauer service team in Doha can respond to maintenance and repair requests most quickly because it is stationed directly at Hamad International Airport. This airport fire department has access to comprehensive service around the clock, which includes not only the PANTHER, but all vehicles in the fleet. Even the garage door of the firehouse can be repaired if the customer requests it.


Likewise, the airport fire department at Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi doesn't have to look far if they want one of their PANTHERs serviced or repaired. They only have to drive a few kilometers from the firehouse to the service point just outside the airport and drop off the vehicle. The Rosenbauer partner stationed there takes care of everything else.


Quick to the scene

The service teams are also able to arrive on site very quickly in both Johannesburg and Singapore. The South African office in Halfway House is just half an hour's drive from Tambo International Airport. The journey from Rosenbauer Singapore to Changi International Airport leads right through the metropolis and takes just under an hour. The teams don't need much longer to get to the airports in Madrid, Dubai, Melbourne, Bogota, or Santiago de Chile – to name just a few - because the Rosenbauer branch or the service workshop of the contractual partner are in the same city.


And in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, the specialists are also able to quickly arrive on site from nine service centers strategically distributed throughout the region. The same applies to the USA and Canada, where more than 30 sales and service partners support PANTHER customers together with Rosenbauer America's service technicians.


Short flights

If greater distances have to be covered to service or repair a PANTHER, the service technicians will get on a plane. No matter the final destination, a technician will be on site within 24 hours, in accordance with Rosenbauer's service promise. However, it is usually much quicker. In Europe, for example, the "Flying Engineers" can reach any airport within two hours. The same applies to South Africa and Japan, among other places. A contractually agreed response time of three hours applies to the vehicles of the Airports Authority of India, which operates 120 airports throughout the country. In turn, the service partners working for Rosenbauer in South America have agreed to adhere to a maximum response time of six hours. Even Bora Bora, located in the middle of the South Pacific, can be reached from Brisbane, the headquarters of Rosenbauer Australia, in just over seven hours to service the PANTHER stationed at Motu Mute Airport.


Service and more


However, Rosenbauer Customer Service is not only responsible for the maintenance and repair of ARFF vehicles, but also supports customers throughout the entire product life cycle of their PANTHER. The "Flying Engineers" take on numerous additional tasks, such as vehicle handover and training, in-country approvals and, above all, training the technicians at the contractual partners in order to ensure a uniform service quality worldwide.

Worldwide service network.

Worldwide service network

Service and more.

Service and more

Fast response.

Fast response