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From small to large

The PANTHER is at home all over the world, at small island airports as well as in major international airports.

Bora Bora, in the middle of the Pacific and barely 30 km2 in size (land area). Anyone landing at Moto Mute Airport in the north of the atoll is stunned. Even from a bird's eye view, the full splendor of the South Sea paradise is revealed. As soon as the plane touches down on the short runway that starts directly at the water's edge, a fantastic view of the turquoise blue lagoon opens up. It creates a holiday mood.


What passengers on Bora Bora do not usually get to see is the Rosenbauer PANTHER, which helps to ensure their safety at the airport. Nevertheless, it's good to know that the fire service's technical equipment is state-of-the-art. The same applies to Aéroporte Tahiti Faa'a, from where all flights to Bora Bora depart. On Tahiti, the airport fire service operates two PANTHERS - and not only protects the airport, but also uses the vehicles to respond to major fires in the capital Papeete, which is only five kilometers away from the airport.


„Love“ and „Peace“

Anguilla, in the middle of the Caribbean, is about three times the size of Bora Bora. Tourism (increasingly in the luxury segment) is also the decisive economic factor on this island. Those arriving by plane land at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport south of the capital called The Valley. Two PANTHERS are stationed here, one was produced in Leonding and dubbed "Love", the other comes from production in Minnesota and is called "Peace."


Just like Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Anguilla, many island paradises rely on the PANTHER when it comes to passenger safety at their airports. The intention behind this is largely that they achieve a higher ICAO safety category with these vehicles, which enables the airport to handle larger aircraft and more passengers than usual if there is demand for them or if tourism increases. Moreover, these highly functional and powerful vehicles usually allow them to optimize their operational tactics and organization.


Only the best for the biggest

Atlanta, capital of the metropolitan region of the same name in the US state of Georgia. It is home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the largest aviation hub in North America. At peak times, more than 200 flights per hour are handled, around 80% with a destination in the USA. The airport battalion of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department operates no less than five firehouses to reach all five runways within the specified response times. Their most important piece of equipment: the Rosenbauer PANTHER.


Paris: European capital of love. Two international commercial airports are located in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis and form one of the largest airport systems in the world: Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle in the north-east (25 km from the city center), Paris-Orly in south Paris-Orly (7 km from the center). Both airport fire departments use Rosenbauer PANTHERs, all high-performance vehicles with 1,400 hp and an extinguishing system capacity of 10,000 l/min. In addition, the vehicles have a French traffic permit so that they can also be used outside the airport grounds at any time.


Seven of the ten largest commercial airports in the world by passenger volume are protected by PANTHER fleets. In addition to Atlanta and Paris, this is also the case at Amsterdam (Schiphol), Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London (Heathrow), Los Angeles, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo (Haneda) airports.

PANTHER 6x6 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

PANTHER 4x4 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

PANTHER 8x8 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

PANTHER 8x8 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

PANTHER 6x6 Singapore Changi Airport.

PANTHER 6x6 Singapore Changi Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol