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Welcome to the world of PANTHER.

The fascination of PANTHER!

The Rosenbauer PANTHER is one of the most successful, efficient and versatile aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles in the world. Its powerful performance and multiple award-winning design make it the most modern firefighting vehicle of our time. Embark on a journey through time and discover the world of the PANTHER from a new perspective.


Strong concept.

Strong concept

Always on the cutting edge.

Always on the cutting edge

First class performance.

First class performance

Extinguishing with high tech.

Extinguishing with high tech

Versatile use.

Versatile use

In the natural environment.

In the natural environment

Driving performance at the highest level.

Driving performance at the highest level

Outstanding driving dynamics.

Outstanding driving dynamics

PANTHER milestones.


Presentation of the first PANTHER 8x8 on MAN chassis as part of a vehicle parade on the occasion of the company's 125th anniversary and receipt of the Austrian State Prize for Design.



After the PANTHER was presented in 1991, the first PANTHER was delivered to Geneva Airport, Switzerland, in 1992.


Presentation of the 2nd Generation PANTHER FL 6x6 in aluminum technology on Freightliner chassis at the IAFC trade fair in Louisville, Kentucky.



In 1999 the motor-pump unit was integrated into the rear of the PANTHER 8x8 for the first time. In addition, Munich Airport will receive the first PANTHER 8x8 AT in aluminum.



The aluminum series is completed in 2000 with the PANTHER 4x4.


In 2003, Rosenbauer started producing its own chassis for the PANTHER 6x6 and PANTHER 4x4 in Wyoming, Minnesota.


Rosenbauer presents the 3rd generation of the PANTHER at Interschutz in Hannover. In the same year, Dubai Airport receives the first PANTHER 8x8 MA5 and the first PANTHER 6x6 is delivered to Newcastle Airport, Great Britain.


Rosenbauer develops and builds its own four-axle chassis with two drive motors for the PANTHER 8x8 CA7.


22 years after the presentation of the first PANTHER, number 999  is delivered to Düsseldorf Airport,1,000 to Stansted London Airport,  and 1,001 to Doha airport.


Rosenbauer expands the PANTHER portfolio with the PANTHER 6x6 S, which has a width of 2.5m and was specially developed for use at smaller, regional or national airports.


Rosenbauer is presenting the 4th Generation of the PANTHER 6x6 and PANTHER 4x4 at Interschutz 2015.


Rosenbauer is presenting the 4th Generation of the PANTHER 8x8.


In 2020 the 2,000 PANTHER  will be delivered to Fort Lauderdale Airport in the USA, which will be ceremoniously put into service as  part of a pushback ceremony.


There’s a reason to celebrate in 2021. The PANTHER has a lost none of its fascination after 30 years.

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The PANTHER stands for
best quality, innovative strength
and integrated solutions.

Chassis, superstructure and extinguishing system come from a single source and are perfectly matched to each other. For 30 years, the PANTHER has represented progress and the drive to become even better. This makes the PANTHER the most successful aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle of its time.
Philipp Platzl, Product Manager Airport Fire Fighting Vehicles
Philipp Platzl, Product Manager Airport Vehicles

Designed for high performance.